The #Write #Words? Post 31

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This series has been examining Onomatopoeia and Metaphor, Simile, Collective Nouns, and my Delusional Dictionary (those words shown in italics). This final post is an index to help new visitors access the posts they most wish to read. For definitions of the figures of speech, click here to go to the introductory post to the series, or click on the appropriate name of the figure in the alphabetical list.

After this? Perhaps I’ll do something more random on language use.

Alphabetical list of words sampled in posts; click on the word to take you to the usage sample:

Army. Band, Bed of daffodils, Big, Black as a fascist’s heart, Bleat, Blind as a bat, Book. Clap, Collective Nouns, Conservative, Covey, Creak, Croak. Deaf as a post, Dead, Delusional Dictionary, Deputy, Ding-dong, Drove. Easy as, Eek, Energy, Equivocation of politicians, Exaltation. Fizzle, Fleet, Free, Fuck. Gang, Gardener, Good, Grumbling, Gulp. Hoot, Horde, Hot, House.

Imam, Implausibility, Incompetence, Innocent, Itch. Jack of all trades, Jangle, Joyful, Judge. Kaleidoscope, Kangaroo, Keen, Kind. Labour, Lash, Like ice, Like over-ripe camembert, Light, Litter. Mad, Metaphor, Miaow, Moat, Mob, Murmuring. Natter, NeverthrivingNewspaper, Nurse, Nutty. Obeisance, Oink, Old, Onomatopoeia, Ostentation. Pack, Pale, Peer, Photographer, Pitter-patter, Plonk, Pod, Pontification, Poor, Psychiatrist.

Quality, Quarrel, Quick, Quiver. Ramble, Red, Rip, Rope. Scarce, Sect, Silent and still as bone, Simile, Sizzle, Stupidity, Susurration. Tablet, Tall, Tassel, Tintinnabulation. Ululate, Undertaker, Unkindness, Unmoving. Vagrant, Vague, Varoom, Venue. Warren, Whimper, White, Worm. Xanadu, Xeric, X-ray. Yap, Yelp, Young, Young. Zap, Zippy, Zoom, Zoo.

For those learning English as a language, there’s a useful guide to pronunciation here, and Facebook hosts a great group you can join here.

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