Here’s a small selection of my professional photographs. The full range, including artworks, can be purchased through You can order them from most countries of the world. Scroll to the foot of this display for details. Thank you. Enjoy the images.

The full range, including artworks, can be purchased through You can order them from most countries of the world. Scroll to the foot of this display for details. Thank you. Enjoy the images.

All can be downloaded as full-size digital images up to 6000×4000 pixels at £3.99/$5.00 for use online and/or to print off for personal use. Some also have commercial licences for advertising use.

Other options, for those who prefer professionally printed images of archival quality to hang on their walls, are listed below.

Canvas prints, light and practical, come stretched around a timber frame with a choice of colours for the wrapped edges of your print. Choose between black or white wrap types.

18X13cm (7×5 ins) from £10.75/$13.52 to 60x50cm (24×20 ins) from £29.47/$37.06

Framed images come printed on gloss paper using archival, pigment-based inks and are surrounded by a white matt border. With a choice between white and black wood frames, the finished project is delivered ready to hang.

26x20cm (10×8 ins) £27.62/$33.73 to 62x42cm (24 x16 ins) £51.93/$65.30

Giclée art prints are perfect for anyone looking for an unframed print option. All prints are produced on high quality Matt Ultra 240gsm paper using a high-resolution large format inkjet printer. Choice of paper finish is Smooth Art Paper or Lustre Photo Paper.

25.4×20.32cm (10×12 ins) £14.04/$17.65 to 60.96×40.64cm (24×16 ins) £22/$27.66

Select the country where your product will be delivered (this can be different from the country of your billing address). Shipping costs and options are provided after you have selected your product type and chosen the size of your wall art or print.

*Note: the watermark is displayed only in previews and will not appear on the finished print.

Image positioning and cropping are available at the size selection stage.

The search function on the gallery you’ll reach via the link above is best used by using your ‘back arrow’ to return to the last image.

22 thoughts on “Gallery

    1. Thank you, Sam. I’ve been using a camera since I was age 11, so for 62 years. I think I’m getting the hang of it now; mind you, digital tech may give many more options to the artist in the photographer, but film and paper were definitely easier to learn!


          1. I was a photographer with the RAF for a few years, Sam. It’s where I learned much of the technical stuff early on. I then worked as a press photographer on a local newspaper. I spent some time as a freelance, writing and illustrating photographic articles for the UK photographic press. But, for reasons I won’t go into here, I moved away from professional photography around the time when digital cameras first emerged. I also, at around the same time, took to using writing as a way of expressing myself, and have now had 8 novels published and many short stories. I returned to photography about 15 years ago, after a break of around 6 or 7 years. I missed making pictures.
            I’m now retired from employment so spend more time on my writing and my part-time professional photography. I no longer do the weddings that were once a substantial part of my income, instead, taking pictures for pleasure that I can offer to others for their pleasure, and sometimes, for some small income to support what is, as you know, a very expensive activity.


            1. That’s such a great journey of yours! Thanks a lot for sharing. You have witnessed the eras of old cameras and emergence of digital cameras and the later on. I really appreciate your journey, dedication and skilled photography. Your experience in the field of photography is remarkable. And I would like you to keep guiding Amateur photographers like me from time to time. I would be more than glad and honoured to be guided by a person who has walked along such a great journey of photography. Please also share your novel names. I would love to read those. I am not good at expressing in words but I love reading a lot. It would be interesting to read the books.

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              1. Thank you, Sam, for your kind words. I’ll continue my ‘Picture of the Day’ series for a few more months at least. And I’m always happy to answer questions from people creating images.
                As for my books, they’re here on my website. Just pop up to the top of the page and hover your cursor under the tab ‘Books and Other Published Work’ and you’ll find a drop-down menu. Click on any of those headings and you’ll find my written work listed there. There’s even a free short story. Enjoy!

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  2. Stuart your work is such a pleasure to visit and I have been enjoying your beautiful photographs for quite a while now. Your gallery is amazing. You know I am a great fan of your beautiful wood photographs as well as your writing. You are a multi-talented man who has enriched my life by sharing your work. Thank you and blessings to you and Valeria during this holiday season!
    Love Joni

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    1. Thank you so much, Joni. I enjoy writing stories, and I’ve been taking photographs since I was 11 years old, inspired by my talented artist mother. It’s great to find people who not only appreciate my efforts but take the time and trouble to share their pleasure. I’ll keep producing books and taking pictures probably until I leave this world. Hopefully, by then, it’ll be a little better than when I entered it. It’s the most we can all hope for.
      I advise other visitors here to have a look at Joni’s site (you can access it by clicking on her name in the comment above) where you’ll find her lovely pictures and her sensuous and emotionally charged poetry.

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  4. Hey Stuart, Namaste 🙂

    Beautiful, thank you 🙂 Your photography is superb – highly polished rich and sumptuous – and reflects your passion your skill and most obvious affinity with Nature. Wonderful: nature is glorious!

    Have a wonderful week.

    Namaste 🙂


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    1. Thanks, Dewin. I started out as professional photographer many years ago, but words overtook my passion and I spend most of my time writing stories now. However, with a painter for a mother, and a photographer for a father, I guess image making will always be in my blood. And I do love sharing the beauty of the world in pictures.

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      1. Hey Stuart, Namaste 🙂

        The photographs are very self-assured and polished: Beauty clearly favours your lens 🙂

        Thank you for sharing the beauty of the world in pictures.

        Enjoy your week Stuart. Take care.

        Namaste 🙂


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    1. Thank you, Livinia. Photography was my first love, when my father rewarded a good school report with a camera when I was 13. I spent a number of years in the photographic world as a professional and I still love making pictures. But words became my real love in my later teens, when I read voraciously. Nowadays, when I have the chance, I like to combine the two. If you’re interested, you can find a recent example of that combination in a guest post I did:

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