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You’ll find humour, romance, love and joy here; but if you want erotica, this collection isn’t the place for it. These stories leave you with a warm glow and a smile.

Title: Ten Love Tales

ISBN 13: 9781458054593

ISBN 10: 1-4580-5459-4



A Romantic Thriller:

As Faith stands shivering before the gates of the notorious Longhouse, she has to ask herself why she’s contemplating taking employment with the man her father describes as the Devil’s Henchman. Everything in her past warns her that this move may be dangerous. But maybe that’s the reason she’s applied for the job. Leigh can’t believe he’s invited the local village idiot to interview as his Girl Friday. Her ‘homeless’ style of dress hides any physical attributes she might possess and she has the reputation of a simpleton. But, on the phone, she sounded warm and intelligent, and she’ll be cheap to employ. The only real cause for concern is the way his printing assistant, the woman-hating Merv, might react to a woman working in close proximity with him. Faith is naïve and inexperienced; Leigh, worldly and promiscuous; Merv, misogynistic and jealous. Put them together, add the spice of sex, the hypocrisy of religious mania and the violence that stems from frustrated passion, and you have a recipe for murder. But: Who will kill? Who will die? And why?

ISBN 13: 9781452337425

ISBN 10: 145233742X


FeadARead Paperback


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