The #Write #Words? Post 16

Taking a look at Onomatopoeia and Metaphor, Simile, Collective Nouns, andmy Delusional Dictionary. For definitions of those, click here to read the introductory post to the series.

This week’s words: Lash, Light, Litter, Labour.

Onomatopoeia: Lash:

Although ‘lash’ has several meanings, I imagine the most popular is that meaning ‘whiplash’ as in the lash of a whip, rather than the injury occurring in certain road accidents. There’s an association in the mind relating to ‘lash’ that conjures pictures of striped, broken skin, the scream of protest, pain, injustice, so often caused by such punishment. There are certain religious sects who use the lash for failure to adhere to some of the most obscure and ludicrous rules known, and, to the mind of the free-thinker, the individual outside such sects, this form of torture is inhuman and vile. The ‘lash’ is certainly onomatopoeic, often in the most unpleasant way, so be careful how you employ this one.

Simile: Light:

‘Light’ as in ‘weightless’, is conveyed by a couple of similes given below. But there must be other words we can use as suggestive of such weightlessness. I can think of ‘light as helium, down (the fluffy feathers of an immature bird), drizzle, tissue, and gossamer. What else do you consider light in this context?

Similes to avoid because they’re clichés?     

As light as air, light as a feather

Collective Nouns: Litter:

‘Litter’ is generally applied to a collection of baby animals, and delivers a picture of cuteness, so perhaps we could also have a litter of babies, fledglings, and ducklings. But ‘litter’ also applies to rubbish left around, so perhaps we could have a litter of garbage, cans, waste, plastic, etc. Anything else come to your mind for this collective noun?

Litter of cats (kittens), cubs, dogs (puppies), piglets, whelps.

Delusional Dictionary: Labour: the unacknowledged and essential work of those who allow an egotistical man to declare himself ‘self-made’; a means of exchanging energy for wages; the painful consequence of unprotected sex often visited on a woman and declared as the most magical of experiences, which is, of course, a lie.

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