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If you hover your cursor on this header you’ll find listed the various ‘genres’ in which I write and publish. Unlike many writers, I let stories choose their own category or categories. In many cases, my work crosses genre boundaries or combines genres. I understand some readers find such diversity confusing and tend to shy away, uncertain what they may find. But I write for those with open and searching minds, those interested in more than the narrow worlds sub-genres encapsulate, those seeking variety and adventure in their reading. And, a word of warning: I write for adults. That means I deal with adult themes and treat readers as mature individuals. It doesn’t, however, mean you’ll find pornography here. Sometimes there’s erotic content, but no pornography. The erotic celebrates. Pornography abuses.

I’ve added a table to this page, which you can access as a Word document, here. It lists, in reverse chronological order (latest at top), the work I’ve had published in one form or another. I’ve added basic buying links for those who wish to explore further. But, for the sake of simplicity, these links go only to the publisher’s store and to Amazon. For further links, please visit the individual work on the pages listed under the header tab.

Click on the various tabs, which I’ve included as a guide to the type of story you can expect to find under a given title. Some, indeed much, of my work appears under more than one heading. I hope, by providing this vague guide, readers can choose the titles they feel will be most suitable. But I hope the more adventurous will try any and all of my books.

I write to entertain, inform, and involve readers in my invented worlds; to let readers know, and vicariously live with, my imagined characters. My cast of players drives my fiction and they often take me along routes unintended at the start of my creative journey.

My work is either self-published or published by an excellent independent small publisher. Fantastic Books Publishing lists all of the books of mine they have published on the page you can reach by clicking on this link.

Enjoy that journey with me and my people as they face the challenges and deal with the problems I send their way. Laugh, cry, act, die, dream, love, kill, think, hate, and wonder with them as they explore paths I’ve laid and as they deviate from those tracks into realms devised by imagination. Read and enjoy: it’s what my books are about.

And, as a taster, I’ve added a free short story to this website. You can read these 3,000 words of seasonal fun by clicking this link.

A final few words here. Most readers (as many as 84%) find new books to read through the reviews other readers place on various sites. When readers share their views and opinions, it helps other book lovers to decide whether they’d also like to read that work. As a reader, you can be helped and help others by penning a few words about the way a book has made you feel.

help another reader social media image

Many readers want to do this, but are stopped by a lack of confidence or uncertainty about what to write and how to produce a review. Worry no more. If you pop to the Contact tab, let me have your details, and ask for The Reader Book Review Form, I’ll send you one. (I promise neither I nor WordPress will spam you!)  The form is a fillable .PDF document with simple guidelines to help you through the process. You can either fill in the form on your PC/tablet and then copy and paste to any site where you want the review to appear (Amazon and Goodreads are always the best for the author and to reach the maximum number of readers). Or you can print it out and fill it in with a pen and then copy that information onto any of the sites that host reviews.

Thank you.


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