The #Write #Words? Post 29

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Examining Onomatopoeia and Metaphor, Simile, Collective Nouns, and my Delusional Dictionary. For definitions, click here for the introductory post to the series.

This week’s words: Yelp, Young, Yap, Young.

Onomatopoeia: Yelp:

To yelp is to utter a short sharp cry of pain, to whine or complain. It’s most often used of a dog when stood on by its careless owner. But it can be used in other ways, ‘Brian had to yelp each time the sadistic games teacher slashed at his bare arse with a split cane.’

Simile: Young:

As young as morning, young as dawn: Both morning and dawn arrive relatively early in the day, making them good similes for things that are young. ‘And, young as a new day dawning, Amanda ventured forth on an ill-advised journey with the rich man who’d ensnared her with flattery and promises of delight.’

Collective Nouns: Yap of chihuahuas

When it comes to small dogs, the collective noun, yap, seems so valid. Is there anything more irritating than being trapped in a location where a small dog constantly yaps and cannot be silenced? So, as a collective noun, I’d be happy to apply it to almost all breeds of small dog. But could it also apply to other groups?

Delusional Dictionary: Young: a state of innocence that includes naivety; the time of life when everything is known with certainty; the description of a qualified police officer, doctor, nurse etc., made by someone over 70.

For those learning English as a language, there’s a useful guide to pronunciation here, and Facebook hosts a great group you can join here.

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