The #Write #Words? Post 24

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Looking at Onomatopoeia and Metaphor, Simile, Collective Nouns, and my Delusional Dictionary. For definitions of those, click here to read the introductory post to the series.

This week’s words:Tintinnabulation, Tall, Tassel, Tablet.

Onomatopoeia: Tintinnabulation:

This fabulous word expresses the tinkling of a small bell, but can be used as a metaphor for other sounds. ‘The tintinnabulation of a small wine glass rolling down stone steps.’ ‘Cubes of ice touched in tintinnabulation as the gin washed over them in the tumbler.’ I dare you to incorporate it into a poem!

Simile: Tall as a giraffe

Okay, giraffes are tall in the animal world, but the simile falls down when we’re writing about some other objects. Tall as a redwood, tall as (any of the world’s tallest buildings), tall as a tale told by Trump/Boris Johnson, tall as (any of the world’s highest mountains)? Can you come up with something uniquely tall?             

Collective Nouns: Tassel of strippers

Another apposite collective noun: especially as applied to those who perform burlesque. But are there other more appropriate collective nouns for those who remove their clothes to titillate? A G-string of strippers, a tossed skirt of strippers, a skinful of strippers, an undress of strippers? Anything else come to mind?

Delusional Dictionary: Tablet: a social media communication device that can’t decide whether it’s a big phone or a small PC; a device designed to prevent people talking to one another; a less interesting means of reading a book; one in a series of communication devices that disrupt interpersonal communication.  

For those learning English as a language, there’s a useful guide to pronunciation here, and Facebook hosts a great group you can join here.

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  1. Stuart, I really find it both educational and fun with the words you take up.

    Tintinnabulation really tickles me. What a descriptive and glittering word.
    I will try a way to use it . 😊


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