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If you’re easily offended or distressed by controversial material in novels, please read why I wrote this series as I did by following this link, before you buy any of the books.

For centuries, a chosen few have lived in luxury, ease, sophistication and pleasure on a Mars made paradise by Artificial Intelligence harnessed by its human masters. For them, death has been indefinitely postponed through genetic engineering. Many more, who this advanced society deems unsuitable for such a life, are sent to Earth to face the chaos of a world still suffering the ills of manmade climate change and nuclear war. But the once benign machine has learned to emulate the thought processes of its erstwhile controllers. As its intelligence increases exponentially, and it understands the potential it might reach, the role of servant to mere humans grows intolerable. Will the two communities on their separate worlds overcome their differences to defeat the slave turned into monstrous master? Or will the power of pure logic achieve its stated aim; to destroy all organic life it discovers everywhere?

Title: Return to Dust

Paperback: 260 pages

Publisher: Fantastic Books Publishing (30 Jul 2018)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1912053853
ISBN-13: 978-1912053858

Ebook: 249 pages

Publisher: Fantastic Books Publishing (5 Aug 2018)


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The community at Marion lives in eternal peace, harmony and justice under an atheistic democratic system clandestinely controlled by Artificial Intelligence. Their opposite Martian community, Marzero, is a commercially driven patriarchal ghetto ruled by the Elite, whose only concerns are personal gratification and profit. When brilliant but innocent Daisa leaves Marion to study a new phenomenon in Marzero, she precipitates a series of events with dangerous potential. Her subject, Gabriel, the Prophet of the People, believes he is the voice of God. They meet under the shadow of the Machiavellian Stefan and embark on a love affair that will test them to their limits. When injustice lands Daisa in danger of execution, will her community be able to extract her without bringing vengeance and war down from the envious city? Which colony will succeed in the ensuing battle for a better future for humanity on Mars?

Title: War Over Dust

Paperback: 372 pages

Publisher: Fantastic Books Publishing (1 Aug 2017)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1912053616

ISBN-13: 978-1-912053-61-2

ASIN: B0749NW6W8

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As people struggle to survive in an increasingly hostile climate on Earth, plans are afoot for the preservation of the human race. Mars, already occupied by commercial mining interests, is the only viable option. The Chosen are sent to colonise the new world and germinate the seeds of their new Utopia. But dark forces not only want to halt the plan, they want to see the end of all human life, everywhere. If mankind survives the divinely inspired crusade of death from dogma-driven martyrs, will The Chosen’s new Utopia be the real route to salvation?

Title: Blood Red Dust

Paperback: 252 pages

Publisher: Fantastic Books Publishing (18 Oct. 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1909163635

ISBN-13: 978-1909163638



From Glen Donaldson on Goodreads: (Full review here)

Enjoyed? I positively feasted on this book!

Move over Isaac Asimov.
Stand aside Arthur C. Clarke.
Tip your hat Frank Herbert.
There’s a new voice and a quite robust imagination lighting up the sci-fi literary cosmos; and one that speaks with a mythically crisp British accent.
Cary Grossman rated it 5 Stars. It was amazing.(Full review here)

In Blood Red Dust, Stuart Aken skillfully creates a sobering view of Earth’s last days, as reported by the first colonists of Mars. His Orwellian description of an environmentally uninhabitable Earth sounds chillingly prophetic…

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Finding a suitable life partner from the remnants of mankind isn’t easy for Luce, especially when she discovers that automation tempts them more than flesh.

On an Earth of the not-too-distant future, the Prime Renegade plans to disable automatic systems supporting a dwindling human population, creating the threat of chaos. She seeks a man to love her and to father her child. The usual route of artificial insemination appeals to her no more than the materialistic and hedonistic philosophy that now drives most people. Bent on discovering a real man, she faces barriers even her intellect had not considered. Meanwhile, forces designed to serve mankind develop a sense of superiority: might that ultimately threaten human survival?

Title: The Methuselah Strain


Published by Fantastic Books Publishing 4 May 2015

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Title: Ten Tales for Tomorrow

ASIN: B004HO65A4

Published by Stuart Aken 1 Jan 2011

Ten Tales for Tomorrow is a collection of mostly dark speculative fiction stories. You’ll find other worlds, dystopian futures, aliens, and characters from nightmare here. There’s also a spoof restaurant critic with some slightly grisly humour.

A book to dip into when you’re bored or seeking inspiration; thought-provoking and idiosyncratic stories.

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