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For All Kindle Lovers.

The Methuselah Strain, from FBP.

The Methuselah Strain, from FBP.

It takes a little while sometimes. Fantastic Books Publishing put my science fiction novella, The Methuselah Strain, into their store at the beginning of this week and placed it into the hands of Amazon at the same time. I removed my old self-published version, since the new edition is improved and enhanced. After a period of review by Amazon, the new book is now available for your Kindle. You can obtain it, wherever you are in the world, by clicking here on this link.

Enjoy the read!

What’s it about?

It’s around 26,000 words of scifi, set on an Earth in the not-too-distant future. This is an Earth you’ll recognise for the most part. But things have changed over the years. Artificial intelligence has evolved way beyond our current state, as has genetic engineering. The results of these advances, if that’s what they are, are increased life expectancy with good health, and a bunch of androids that some consider to be better than flesh and blood people.

It’ll come as no surprise that such advances have been sexualised and those in charge have pandered to the most basic of human desires. With automatons taking most of the hard work out of daily life, hedonism is rife and the population diminishing.

What is Luce, a vital and brilliant woman, to do to halt the decline of humanity into a form of self-obsessed redundancy? She’s eager to have a child, but she wants the right man to be the father, not the usual route of artificial insemination and in-vitro development. How will she defeat these new traditions?

Please be aware that this book aimed is at an adult readership. It contains sexual references and pokes fun at certain forms of erotica. Have fun reading it.

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