Trees, by Benjamin Perkins, Reviewed.


I’ve had this book since it was published in 1984. It’s always sat on the shelf to be dipped into. But I now live in a forest, so it seemed the right time to give it a little more attention than I had.

I bought the book largely for its superb illustrations. The detail and variety is astounding. But the text that accompanies the biological paintings and drawings is also quite lyrical. The author has a way of describing his tree hunting experiences in language that is both informative and poetic. He manages to wrap his facts in the wonder and affection he obviously feels for the countryside.

Anyone who has a love of trees will find this book a real gem. I’ve enjoyed the read and learned a lot about our native UK species. It’s by no means comprehensive, of course, but it does deal with the majority of the most common varieties of these magnificent specimens of natural beauty. Glad I took this off the shelf at last.

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