13 Days to Reconnection.

A scheduled post to tease. Am I still here? https://stuartaken.net/2015/06/25/technophobe-technophile-or-technosceptic/

Running for ME/CFS no. 39

As I explained in my post, Technophobe, Technophile, or Technosceptic?, I'm taking a complete break from the internet and everything to do with the modern technology of contact for a couple of weeks. Here, as also explained, is my programme of training for the current week. (That wonderful facility of 'scheduling allows me to do …

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14 Days to Reconnection

A scheduled post to keep you on board. Am I still offline? https://stuartaken.net/2015/06/25/technophobe-technophile-or-technosceptic/

15 Days to Reconnection.

A scheduled post to keep you curious. Am I managing? https://stuartaken.net/2015/06/25/technophobe-technophile-or-technosceptic/

Technophobe, Technophile, or Technosceptic?

How do you see today's technology? As a barrier to your progress, a brilliant tool to be manipulated at will, or simply another fashion to be treated with scorn? Take email with its multiple platforms and utter ubiquity. Can't escape it, can you? And now it's embedded into the world of mobile phones, it's probable …

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Running for ME/CFS no. 38

What happened to the 'Writing' bit? As followers of this blog will know, the book on ME/CFS is now written and selling. But, if you haven't yet got your copy of M.E. and me: Chronic Fatigue, My Recovery After 10 Years, please click on this link. The training continues apace. This was the last in …

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Internet Research for Fiction Writers, by April Taylor, Reviewed.

Sometimes, you come across a reference book and wonder, 'Why didn't I find this sooner?' April Taylor's Internet Research for Fiction Writers is such a book. An earlier find would've saved me a good deal of time. Still, now that I have it on both my iPad and Mac, I can use it for the …

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Are You a Grammar Nerd?

Interested in Grammar? Is this you?  

Do Androids Dream, by Maureen Turner, Reviewed.

Science fiction romance with a different sort of premise. This book tells the story of a frustrated and downtrodden woman whose life is altered forever when her uncaring husband brings home an advanced android for her to teach idiomatic English. The characters are well realised; the android is especially well drawn, which is quite an …

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Here is my interview with Stuart Aken

I’ve been interviewed by Fiona McVie on ‘authorsinterviews’. Here’s her post.



Name: Stuart Aken

Age: 67 outside, about 23 within.

Where are you from?

My mother was warned I’d be born dead, due to her shock at my father’s death three weeks earlier. But, stubborn from the start, I landed very much alive. That was in a neighbour’s bed as we’d been evicted from the home that was tied to my father’s job. This all happened in Hull, a city port in the north east of England.

Now I’ve retired from employment, I live with my wife in a small village called Lydbrook. It hugs both sides of a steep-sided green valley in the Forest of Dean, in the south west of England, and not far from the border with Wales.

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc  

Following my mother’s death, two days after my 16th birthday, I left home and joined the RAF…

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