#Free #Ebooks from 3rd to 9th March

I'm taking part in the Smashwords Read an Ebook Week by discounting all my books on the site to make them free! The deal lasts from 3rd to 9th March, so you'll need to visit and download quickly to take advantage. Much better to get them here, legitimately, rather than from some seedy pirate site, …

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Another 5 Star, Well, 5 Shrimp, Review!

It's always great to receive a positive review. This one is quite short, but says the things an author loves to hear. You can find the original here. # Ten Tales for Tomorrow Stuart Aken Rating: 5 Shrimps! Stuart Aken’s short story compendium Ten Tales for Tomorrow explores several possible futures.  Speculative fiction often has …

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Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

An offer and a request in one: Many of you have followed the progress of War Over Dust over the months it’s been under construction. I’m now looking for readers who’d be willing to post a review of War Over Dust in exchange for a free copy in ebook format (I can provide .mobi, .pdf, …

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666, An Anthology of Horror Shorts, Reviewed.

https://read.amazon.co.uk/kp/card?asin=B01M6A07BE&preview=inline&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_ERalAbGW2P26R&tag=stuartaken-21 A scary collection of thirty-two horror shorts, every one of them exactly 666 words long! These Fantables were mostly the result of a contest run by the publisher, Fantastic books Publishing, but include some tales by selected invited professional writers. The stories run the whole spectrum of horror writing from the traditional through to …

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SciFi Made: Now Available in All Formats!

My latest science fiction novel, Blood Red Dust, is now available as an ebook as well. You can get a copy by clicking here to buy from Amazon. The paperback version was mentioned in a previous post. As readers of my blog, you get to know about the new book before the official launch. That’s …

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Animal Magnet, by Gary Anderson, Reviewed.

A remarkable book, this. And one that makes several demands of its readers. It tells the story of a family through a number of centuries, dipping into significant life events and back-referencing to identify the particular family member placed under the microscope. Starting in Hungary and ending in USA, via France and Mexico, it travels …

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Hot Flashes, by Barbara Raskin, Reviewed.

A literary novel, seeking to reveal the internal lives of a group of friends who grew up just after WWII, Barbara Raskin’s ‘Hot Flashes’ concentrates on menopausal feminist Jewish women in the USA. As such, it lacked some appeal for me. At the time of its initial publication, it was a NYT bestseller. But time …

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My New Kindle has Arrived!

My old Kindle expired a while back. I replaced the experience with my iPad, but that entails reading from a backlit screen, which isn’t comfortable over long periods, and it’s pretty poor in bright sunshine. So, I took the plunge, removed the padlock from my wallet, and shelled out for a new eReader. Whilst I …

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Last Week of #eBook Bargains

Final reminder that you can save money on eBooks during July. And a further reduction on my own books for the last week of this promotion. Smashwords is a publishing platform for all formats of eBooks. I’ve several books with them. July is their promotional month, when authors who wish to participate offer discounts. This …

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Synthesis, Published by Fantastic Books Publishing, Reviewed.

This anthology of science fiction stories by many different authors is a fantastic collection of disparate views of the future presented by creative talents. I must, however, before I expand on that summary, confess to my vested interest: I’m one of the authors. But, as a single voice among 27 stories, I feel justified in …

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What you need to know about Twitter #Hashtags Infographic and LIST…

A great guide for those interested in using Twitter in a positive fashion for book matters.

You might also benefit from this great post from Linda Acaster:

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


  • #amwriting: Designed specifically for writers who are experiencing writers block and just want to relieve the anxiety.

  • #eBook or #Books: Gives the latest posts.

  • #Reading: Dominated by GoodReads users who are also on Twitter

  • #mustread, #read, #reading, #readers, #bestread, #greatread, #greatbooks, #weekendreader, #GoodReads

  • #Fridayreads: One of the most popular literary hashtags of all time on twitter. It even generated a global trend at one period of a time, it is still one of the best ways to find out about good books.

  • #Nook: Gives the latest posts according to Nook published books.

  • #epub, #ePub : Specifically for independently published authors, this hashtag platform promotes eBooks published on Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes, Nook, etc.

  • #Amazon: Considered the mother of all tweets. Here you can find everything Amazon related, most particularly books.

  • #AmazonKindle: Same as the one above, but more useful for sale of Kindle Devices and eBooks.

  • #kindlebooks, #Kindle Touch…

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Alone (The Girl in the Box, Book 1), by Robert J. Crane, Reviewed.

This fantasy, featuring meta-humans, and told from the point of view of the female protagonist, is full of tension and action. But it is also a fascinating character study of a unique individual. The reader is given information through the unreliable narrator, who appears to be confused by what is going on about her. As …

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Question For the Week: Do Cheap and Free Books Devalue Books?

I was inspired to ask this by a short blog post I came across on ANewDomain, via Book2Book, a daily email from BookTrade. It set me to wondering whether we, as writers, are our own worst enemies. And it was reinforced by another short piece I read a little while ago at Digital Book World …

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Running for ME/CFS no. 56: The End

So, how went the event? In case you didn't know, I completed the course in 2 hours, 47 minutes and 50 seconds. That simple fact is for those without the time to read a longer account, but I'd encourage you to drop to the foot of this post for some other information. For everyone else, …

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Running for #ME/CFS no. 54

This is the penultimate post on the run. I've completed the programmed exercise for this week. Tuesday (my usual Wednesday session was programmed for Tuesday this week) required a 30-minute easy walk. So, Valerie and I took a lengthy walk amongst the hills of the forest. Lovely to watch the squirrels, songbirds and buzzards. Today …

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