Why That Title? – Partings.

Titles for works of fiction can cause authors a good deal of soul-searching. Ideally, we want to give potential readers clues about content, theme, style, and storyline. Not easy with only one to maybe a dozen words to play with. Of course, the best titles are revealed as obvious choices once a book’s been read, …

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The Floral Wall – A Collaboration

Joni was inspired by my photos to write a poem. It was an idea I loved, knowing how sensitive and atmospheric her poetry is. Here is the collaboration. Enjoy!

Rum and Robots

A Collaboration between Joni and Stuart Aken, Photos by Stuart. Please visit Stuart’s website for his photography and publications - Poem by Joni Caggiano

cracks in the old stone cry out to me
like a whimpering fairy with golden eyes
smooth the aging skin upon the river swept rocks
sweltering and charming with a parasol reflection of a red hot sun

when you rub their skin, it is soft
alike a new pup’s underbelly, so yielding
as lovers, we often lean upon her stony surface
you are the royal stem holding my maiden flower within your arms

our gait hastens as pores bleed
with a craving so intense our wrapping
a silk cocoon binding our bodies with opulent smells
consuming us entirely, we reach our field of spotted flowers, our nest

we spread our blanket with purpose
untying my corset ribbons, your breath quickens
naked I can feel…

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Why read??

I hope my visitors here are readers. I am, after all, primarily a writer. But, just in case you’re not, please consider this blog post that I found on the website of one of my followers.

Written in the Stars

Any avid book reader (such as myself) will tell you that immersing yourself in a great novel brings your imagination to life and transports you to another world where all the troubles you face in reality don’t exist- it’s just you and the characters. When we read we’re improving lots of aspects of our well-being, such as growing more empathy, improving memory, cutting stress, and even just making us more positive overall. And isn’t that the most important thing in life?

Over and over again I hear people complain that reading isn’t for them because they can’t find a good book, or it’s BORING! There are millions upon millions of fantastic books out there of all genres to get lost in, and I truly believe that there is a genre out there for everyone. And by no means is reading boring! I’m going to put it out there and say…

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Today’s Pictures: 30 Nov 20

This shallow wallow among the trees is used by wild boar to bathe here in the forest. Thank you for visiting this blog. Please be generous to those imprisoned by the Covid crisis at present, and share this post widely with them on social media, so they can enjoy it. It will also reach more …

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Today’s Picture: 9 Aug 20

A track in the Forest of Dean. To those who can’t get outdoors to enjoy nature at present, this series is for you. I’m aiming to brighten the days by posting pictures of natural beauty. If you’re visiting this site, and able to go where you like, perhaps you’ll do something for those less fortunate …

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Today’s Pictures: 28 July 20

A fish rises in the pond, Forest of Dean. Stuck indoors and unable to get out to enjoy nature at present? In that case, this series is for you. I’m aiming to brighten the days by posting pictures of natural beauty. A mountain walk on the Greek island of Thassos. Taken in July 2015. On …

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A Light in the Desert, by Anne Montgomery: #BookReview.

286 pages Mystery/Thriller A novel blending fiction with fact, this story of the unsolved derailing of a train in the Arizona desert is full of surprises. Many of the central characters are the author’s creations, and they’re constructed with compassion, objectivity, and empathy. To get inside the heads of such diverse people takes some skill …

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The #Write #Word? Post 28

Struggling to find the ‘right’ word for your writing? You’re not alone. Maybe, in trying to improve my own work, I can help other writers. Today’s words: Ubiquitous, Unexpected surprise, Until such time as, Uitwaaien, University. Synonyms are alternative words that might say exactly what you’re trying to convey. Ubiquitous: listed synonyms in Roget’s are, general, …

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Childlike Grace

Wise words, well expressed here. I felt I must reblog this post.

Archon's Den

BibleWhen I was a child, I thought as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

Blogger Barry, in a recent post, said that he’d halted on his path to becoming an Atheist. He does not say that it was because he was taught that Atheists are evil, nasty or sinful, but that is the reason that many ex-Christians won’t admit that they have become Atheists.

Tired of the judgemental, accusatory, denominational bureaucracy and hypocrisy, he still wished to identify as ‘spiritual.’ It is quite possible to be spiritual, without being a member of any Christian sect.  His last stop before getting off the Christian bus, was at Mormon.

He still visited Atheist websites, and admitted that he had remained a Christian. He was amazed at the vehemence of some militant Atheists, who insisted that any and all religions were harmful.  He admitted that…

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Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

A slightly different slant this week. (Sex and Nudity: Beware!) Why? I haven’t made a start on the final edit; but I’ll be starting that on Friday, and next week’s post will detail progress. Why? If you had an hour or two to spare I’d explain, but you don’t. Neither do I. So, instead; I’m …

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Promote Your Blog in 2018

So far, there are 629 responses to this post. So, if you're seeking information on different blogs, this could be a good starting point. Have fun! Please note that you need to go to the foot of my post and click the link under 'Dr Perry' that says, 'View original post' and then enter your …

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Author Interview – Stuart Aken

A great, amusing, and unusual interview.

Scenic Writer's Shack


When it comes to mapping out futuristic worlds far beyond the imagination of most people, there are few who apply themselves to the task more creatively than English sci-fi author Stuart Aken. Hard at work on book three of his  acclaimed Generation Marsseries and with a website boasting in excess of 23 000 loyal followers, Stuart has indeed been kicking some serious intergalactic goals in the world of science fiction publishing across the last few years.

He agreed to speak to me from his secluded bugalow hidden amongst ancient woodlands somewhere near the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, England on the condition I not reveal its exact location. Stuart, your secret is safe with me.

 I read recently a well known author say the reason they became a writer was so they’d never have to feel alone again. Can you relate in any way to that thought?


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