Today’s Pictures: 28 July 20

A fish rises in the pond, Forest of Dean.

Stuck indoors and unable to get out to enjoy nature at present? In that case, this series is for you. I’m aiming to brighten the days by posting pictures of natural beauty.

A mountain walk on the Greek island of Thassos. Taken in July 2015.

On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to be free to go where you like, perhaps you’ll do what you can for those less fortunate, and share this widely, so others can enjoy it? Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 28 July 20

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  2. Hi Stuart the lily pads still look so gorgeous even without the flowers. Hope you two are doing well. Take good care of one another. Sending you both love. 💕💖Joni

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    1. Thank you, Joni. The pond is also home to dragonflies and demoiselle flies. I’d love to get a picture of these amazing creatures, but they fly so fast and erratically you have to be very lucky (or extremely patient) to get a shot!

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      1. I bet you might have to get your feet wet. I imagine that there are all kinds of interesting critters in there. A haven of activity. It looks like a good size pond and it looks very clean. What a blessing to live close to such a lovely spot. You two have a blessed day and enjoy each other. Love 💕 Joni

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        1. The banks are quite steep, so you’d definitely need waders to enter the water, Joni. I’ll stay on the land! Oddly, we’ve never seen frogs or newts here, although they do breed in the forest in various places.
          We’re certainly fortunate to live here, something we realise daily as we take our walks and sometimes compare them with those we took when we lived on the edge of a town before our move here.
          Keep safe and stay well.

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          1. Thank you Stuart I will. My husband and I look at your pictures and it is like you are in a wonder land seriously. It is so beautiful. I am happy for you two and also grateful that you have each other. That is odd you don’t see frogs or newts. On any given day we will have three or four newts crawling up the screened in porch. The frogs are very noise here especially the amphibious ones. Love and hugs, you both have a great day my friends. ❤️💕🤗 Love Joni

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            1. Our newts are a protected species, as they have become quite rare. There used to be large muddy puddle on one of the forest tracks where we often saw their spawn and tadpoles in spring, but that’s dried up this year. Why they aren’t in the pond I don’t know. But maybe they’re just hiding from us!
              You and your husband seem to havfe a great relationship. We met on a training course (Managing Change) in the 1980s and fell in love on sight. We feel the privelege of our strong relationship and of our location; never take either for granted.
              Hope you two are enjoying your break.

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              1. You two sound like us. We met at work. We where in the same group I was sort of a supervisor of his group. I fell for him pretty quickly and him for me as well. We too are so blessed. I am very grateful for him. I am happy for both of us. Sending hugs and love. Joni ❤️💕🙏


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