Promote Your Blog in 2018

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    1. Hi Hiking Singh, in order to fully benefit from this idea, you need to place a comment and your website url on the original site, which you can reach by going to the link at the foot of my post above. On the original site, there are now 1247 comments!

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    1. Hi Meowskies. Thanks for the comment and link, but you really need to go to the original post (see the foot of my post here, and join the conversation there if you want more people to see it.

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    1. Hi, Sudha. Thank you for your response. As I’ve mentioned to others, however, the best place to make a comment is on the original blog post (see link at the foot of my post) which now has 980 responses!

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    1. Hi applebitsblog. Thanks for the comment. But I’ll repeat what I’ve said to other commenters on here: You really need to visit the original blog (Click on ‘View original post’ at the foot of my post) to get your name added to the growing number on there – currently at 714.

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    1. That’s great, Seattle Stories. But if you want to reach the now 689 respondents, you need to place your reply on the original post (click the link at the foot of my post).


  1. That’s great, Noelle. However, to be in with the rest, you need to click the link to the original post and post your comment there! Your action has made me realise I should have made that clear, so I’ll modify my post to let others know! Sorry if that has caused you extra work.

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  2. My blog, Sayling Away, can be found at This is a pretty eclectic blog: on it you will find some historical pieces on the Pilgrims, book reviews, some personal observations, posts from my cat Garfield, descriptions and photos of my travels, guest posts, and whatever else tickles my fancy. I am the author of three, soon to be four, mystery novels (the Rhe Brewster mystery series) and I recently had my followers help be choose the cover for the fourth book. Stop by anytime!

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