Today’s Picture: 04 May 20

Encountered these two ancient sentinels on a path new to us today. I wonder what tales they could tell.

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Ancient oaks. Lord Nelson wanted the forest protected so he could have oak to build his marine fleet.

9 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 04 May 20

    1. Aye, Lynette. Trouble was, he wanted the forest to be designated a ‘Royal Forest’ so that local people wouldn’t then be able to to use it for grazing their pigs, picking windfall branches for firewood, or hunting the native deer!

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    1. This was a new path for us, Joni. We ‘discovered’ it when we took a walk along one of the paths we’ve used only once before. Turned out to be a real find. I see the older oaks as such characterful trees.

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