Today’s Picture: 05 May 20

Oak grove.

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Horton Bridge. Up to the 1960s, this bridge carried steam trains. Now, the heaviest traffic is a very occasional Forestry Commission Landrover, Horses and riders, dogs with their walkers, and roughie-toughie women, and men, on their mountain bikes.

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    1. I’d guess those would be grey squirrels, Noelle, since you’re in the USA? Here in UK they’re seen as an invasive species, responsible, through their carrying a particular virus, for the decline in the native red squirrel. As a result, they’re not greatly loved by many people, though they can be amusing with their antics. The forest has recently taken a group of Pinemartins in an attempt to reduce their numbers. Red squirrels spend most of their time in the trees and are therefore not prey to these predators, which are expected to devour a large number of the greys.
      Our English oaks certainly give large numbers of nourishing acorns, greedily snaffled by many of the woodland creatures. Fortunately, a large number get buried in the process and self-propagate, ensuring there are many sappling oaks in the forest.

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    1. It’s the last of three on this stretch, Denise. Each of them used to carry the railway over either a forest road or a stream. The latter in this case. The old Victorian engineering is still intact as stone supports for the wooden structure.

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    1. The bridge now stands at a sort of crossroads of tracks, Lynette. We use it a lot on our walks. It’s the only one that bears a name. But I haven’t yet discovered why it’s called ‘Horton’ bridge.

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