Creative #Writing #Contests Table Updated

On the 1st of every month I remind followers of this blog the creative writing contest table has been updated. (I update it several times every month, but this reminder is posted just once!) If you’d like to be reminded by email, please click the ‘Follow this blog’ button at the top of the right-hand …

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A Good Day’s Picture: 01 May 20

Pictures to brighten the day. If you enjoy this, please consider sharing it, so others can enjoy it, too. Thank you.

Finding the #Write #Words? Post 29: The Grouchy Grammarian

Continuing the description of books on words and language listed in the introductory post, which you’ll find here. Book 29: The Grouchy Grammarian Paperback, 186 pages. Published in 2003 by BCA. This is the edition I own and appears to be the current one. You can buy it new in paperback for £9.95, Used from …

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