Today’s Picture: 03 May 2020

No sunshine today, but the Broom adds some colour.

Pictures to brighten your day.

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10 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 03 May 2020

    1. And here in the Forest of Dean, on the Wales/England border, Noelle. And, I’m pretty sure, in the New Forest. Looking forward to when the lockdown ends and we can do our challenging walk up to the Royal Spring pub to sample their Wild Boar sausages again!


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  2. Wow! Wild boars with babies no less. Not a family to mess with. Do people still hint and eat wild boar? They are a horrible nuisance in Texas and the state pays companies to get rid of them.

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    1. They were introduced deliberately into the forest many years ago, by misguided animal anti-cruelty folk. Unfortunately, Noelle, many visitors to the place feed them, so they have little fear of people and are breeding too fast. The Forestry Commission, who manage the forest, estimate our ideal complement would be around 400, but they also estimate we have around 1400 at present, so they organise shoots from specially constructed platforms, with acknowledged marksmen behind the rifles.
      We’ve found that, if we ignore them, they ignore us. Though they can be a bit dangerous if you have an improperly trained dog with you.
      On the plus side, they do some serious weeding whilst feeding, and they make lovely sausages, served at local pubs!

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    1. Thank you, Noelle. We were once about to use this rather steep track and stopped when we discovered the brow of the hill was occupied by a family of wild boar with a pretty big mamma and pappa protecting their numerous piglets. For a short while we stared at each other and then we decided to go another way. At almost the same time, the family of boar turned around and went up the track away from us!

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