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Wellbeing for Writers, by Jennifer Barraclough, Reviewed.


This is a handy little ebook that sets out to suggest strategies for writers that will help them get the most from their time and effort. I’ve been around for a long time, and been writing for many of those years, so there isn’t actually a great deal here that’s new to me. However, it’s useful to have information I’ve previously gleaned from magazine articles and blog posts combined into a small book.

It’s an easy read; full of good advice that has been proven to work. This isn’t a technical book about how to write; it’s a collection of advisory pieces on how to make the best of your time and opportunities as a writer, how to work in ways that are beneficial and productive rather than self-destructive and time-wasting. Procrastination is probably the writer’s most common enemy and there are methods outlined here to help deal with that drain on time and energy.

There are chapters on structuring the process, setting boundaries, physical and mental health, writer’s block, attitudes to money, marketing challenges, and understanding when a book is finished, amongst other topics. For the writer struggling with blockages, time management, or any of the other many complications that arise from a life spent writing, this is a useful and instructive book. It’s excellent value for money and I suggest you read it.

8 Responses to “Wellbeing for Writers, by Jennifer Barraclough, Reviewed.”

    • stuartaken

      I think it’s probably all writers’ greatest barrier to productivity. But I also suspect it’s because, as creative creatures, we are both easily distracted by possibilities and interested in many things.



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