Running for ME/CFS no. 49

One of the wider parts of my forest run.
One of the wider parts of my forest run.

Three weeks tomorrow I’ll be running the Great North Run. A half marathon that’s been going for a long time now. I’ll be one of 57,000 participants and, like most of them, I’ve been training now for a few months.

This week’s programme involved a reduction in distance and time spent running. I suspect this is due to the extra effort required for the eight and half miles I ran last week. Muscles and joints need time to recover, after all. So, Wednesday I was supposed to do a run/walk consisting of 7 sessions of 2-minute runs followed by 1-minute walks. This is 21 minutes of exercise, so I decided I’d just do my usual 20-minute run instead, except that I covered the distance in just over 18 minutes. So, not bad. Friday I was down to do 5 miles with 3 minutes of running alternating with 1 minute of walking. I jogged down to the bottom of the village and back (about 2.3 miles) using this pattern, and then popped up the steep path into the forest and followed my 3.3-mile loop. On this leg I decided to adopt my ‘run on the flat and downhill and walk uphill’ technique. As the hills are steep but short, it means I run more than walk, especially as I also run on those uphill sections that don’t have a steep gradient. I noticed that my legs were complaining more than usual and put this down to me getting used to the new running shoes. Have to get those run-in before the big day, of course!

As a lot of supporters are waiting until nearer the date to contribute to my fundraising for Action For M.E., I’m going to introduce an incentive. Watch for my post tomorrow! At present, I’ve raised 27% of my target amount. I’d love to exceed that target of £500 and I’ve made it easy to donate. So, please click this link here and take the easy steps to make a donation; the amount is up to you, or course. (You won’t miss out on the incentive.) Every little helps.

Even simpler, send the text ‘MESA76’ (without quotation marks) to 70070, to donate £5 via your mobile phone. Thank you.

And don’t forget, you can buy my book detailing my experience of ME/CFS and giving advice for sufferers and their carers and families, ‘M.E. and me; Chronic Fatigue: My Recovery After 10 Years‘, through the links on my ‘Published Works’ tab on this website. Half the profits will go to the same charity.