Liking is Lovely, but Sharing is Caring.

All of us who blog, or use a website to inform potential readers about our books, are aware of the struggle for exposure, the difficulty of getting our names out there. We indulge in online activity to add value to the lives of others (at least, I hope we do: those interested only in self-promotion …

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Take a Break and be More Productive

Picture courtesy People often ask how I manage to get so much done (actually, I don’t achieve as much as I’d like, but that’s another story). One thing that helps is the way I break every hour for just a couple of minutes. It’s long been known that sitting at the keyboard, or bending …

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False Starts and a Solution?

How many times should you start a writing project? Odd question? Well, I normally have my books ready in my mind, that is, I know where I want to end up even if I don’t know the route, long before I place a single word on paper (for which, read ‘screen’, since I compose at …

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2015: The Blog in Review

It's that time of the year when we like to review our activities and see what we've done over the last 365 days. Was it effective? Did it help people? Has that time been spent usefully? Well, the stats helper monkeys have prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog and I'm sharing it …

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The Ubiquitous Mailing List

Authors are told their most precious marketing asset is their mailing list. This advice has become so common it’s now accepted as gospel. I have my doubts. Over the past few weeks, admittedly a little late in my writing career, I’ve been attempting to set up this promotional tool. I’d love to report it as …

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#Tips for Sharing Posts Online

Time and again, I read a post on a writer's site (or some other interesting blog) and want to share the information with my own readers and/or friends. And, time and again, I discover the blogger hasn't provided any sharing facilities. That makes it awkward to share, so I often don't bother. And, yet, it …

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Wellbeing for Writers, by Jennifer Barraclough, Reviewed.

This is a handy little ebook that sets out to suggest strategies for writers that will help them get the most from their time and effort. I've been around for a long time, and been writing for many of those years, so there isn't actually a great deal here that's new to me. However, it's …

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A Renewed Regime.

Way back in 2014, that's last year in case you're not sure, I was writing fairly regularly and working on a couple of projects. But, in the middle of that year, we made a momentous decision: we would move house from our domain of 14 years and settle in an area of the country where …

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Returning to the World of Technology

On 25th June I wrote a longish post on the way technology seems to have taken the role of master instead of the servant it was intended to be. You can find that post by clicking here. This is the follow-up post I promised then. How did I manage without an online presence, without the …

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1 Day to Reconnection.

The final scheduled post on this topic. Did I make it? Hopefully, Tomorrow, I'll at least give you a clue!

4 Days to Reconnection.

The penultimate scheduled post. But am I still offline?

7 Days to Reconnection

A scheduled post again. Am I still offline?

12 Days to Reconnection.

Another scheduled post. Am I sticking to the challenge?

13 Days to Reconnection.

A scheduled post to tease. Am I still here?

14 Days to Reconnection

A scheduled post to keep you on board. Am I still offline?