The Paintings, by Linda Acaster, Reviewed.

the paintings

Linda Acaster’s, The Paintings, is not a book to read before bed, unless, of course, you prefer nightmares to sweet dreams. This short chiller is subtly sinister, as it builds a story of the apparent ordinary into something with supernatural hints and underlying threats to reach a climax that is as satisfying as it is unexpected.

As always with this author’s writing, the characters are well realised: you’ll find no stereotypes, no cardboard cut-outs here. But are they all who they say they are?

Linda Acaster’s descriptions of place are full of the sort of detail that makes the reader wonder what is behind this apparently mundane exterior. She has a way with words that hooks the reader in at once. You find yourself wondering what is really happening here. It’s clear that all is not as it should be, but why?

If you’re looking for gore, you’ll not find it. But if you’re fascinated by the way people react to the inexplicable and you enjoy a more intelligent experience of fear, you’ll find it here. A good read and one I thoroughly recommend.

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