Running and Writing for ME/CFS No.25

The garden slop after just a brief amount of work.
The garden slope after just a brief amount of work.
The garden slope after today's efforts.
The garden slope after today’s efforts.


10 Minute run on Wednesday; an easy jog through the village. 15 Minutes in the forest on Friday, listening the spring birds as I trotted along the footpaths. Due for 15 minutes today, but we had spent the last two days, and today, in the back garden. Part of that space consists of a very steep slope which is much overgrown with briars, nettles, weeds, bushes and small trees. Because the growing season is fast approaching, we decided we must devote any good weather to taming this wilderness. It is, as you can imagine, hard, demanding work. It involves cutting down the growth and traipsing up the uncertain steps I discovered under the mass of vegetation up to the level ground of the rest of the garden, where we can chop the plants up into small pieces for disposal. There are three hazel trees at the bottom of the slope and they were being choked by very long tendrils of multi-thorned briars and very long lengths of overgrown honeysuckle. Removing this growth took a good deal of effort and strength. As a result, I felt unable to complete today’s run. We did, however, take a 3 mile walk through the forest once we’d finished in the garden. The pictures give some idea of the battle we faced.


The editing is going well, but taking slightly longer than anticipated as I keep recalling incidents to add to the text. Also, we had solar panels installed on the roof of the house this week, which somewhat disrupted our days whilst the teams erected scaffolding and then installed the panels and the accompanying electrical equipment that will allow us to feed excess power into the grid. It feels good to be a little greener. So, not as much done as I had hoped, but still a good deal of progress.

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7 thoughts on “Running and Writing for ME/CFS No.25

    1. After such a long time being forced to be physically inactive, it’s a real boost to be out there running. But there are days when I feel I’ve done 3 times the distance I’ve actually run!


    1. I’m still getting used to the terrain around here, Jack. Steep hills of the Forest of Dean are not the same as the flat plains of Driffield! Still, I’ll get there in the end.


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