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The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English

I don’t agree with all of these as Top 100, but there are some pretty good words here. What are your thoughts?

Just English

AilurophileA cat-lover.
AssemblageA gathering.
BeleaguerTo exhaust with attacks.
BroodTo think alone.
BucolicIn a lovely rural setting.
BungalowA small, cozy cottage.
ChatoyantLike a cat’s eye.
ConflateTo blend together.
CynosureA focal point of admiration.
DallianceA brief love affair.
DemesneDominion, territory.
DemureShy and reserved.
DenouementThe resolution of a mystery.
DesultorySlow, sluggish.
DulcetSweet, sugary.
EbullienceBubbling enthusiasm.
EfflorescenceFlowering, blooming.
ElisionDropping a sound or syllable in a word.
ElixirA good potion.
EloquenceBeauty and persuasion in speech.
EmbrocationRubbing on a lotion.
EmollientA softener.
EpiphanyA sudden revelation.
ErstwhileAt one time, for a time.
EtherealGaseous, invisible but detectable.
EvanescentVanishing quickly, lasting a very short time.
ForbearanceWithholding response to provocation.

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6 Responses to “The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English”

    • stuartaken

      No, Valerie, you’re not missing anything. In fact, ‘bucolic’ is one of those much-lauded words that I find very unappealing; a word that conjures images far from those it is intended to describe. And one of the reasons I placed my statement about disagreeing with some of the choices made for this list.



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