Last Week of #eBook Bargains


Final reminder that you can save money on eBooks during July. And a further reduction on my own books for the last week of this promotion.

Smashwords is a publishing platform for all formats of eBooks. I’ve several books with them. July is their promotional month, when authors who wish to participate offer discounts. This gives readers the chance to buy books at reduced prices. So, if you’ve been wondering whether to sample some of my work, now’s a good time for those with eReaders. Below is a list of the books on offer, the discount applicable, and the code you’ll need to use to gain that reduction, along with a one-click link to each book (just click on the title). See, I make it easy for you!

Enjoy the read!

Ten Love Tales – PD92R                       Free

But, Baby, It’s Cold Outside                 Free – no code needed, as this is my free short story for all readers.

Breaking Faith – QK22J                         50% off

Heir to Death’s Folly – AC59Y             50% off

M.E and me – QU29L                            50% off

Sensuous Touches – WD68Z                 50% off

Ten Tales for Tomorrow – MZ27N      Free

To get to all my books, simply click on this link.

To browse the full catalogue of all Smashwords books on offer, click on this link. (But only when you’ve looked at my books, of course!)