My New Kindle has Arrived!


My old Kindle expired a while back. I replaced the experience with my iPad, but that entails reading from a backlit screen, which isn’t comfortable over long periods, and it’s pretty poor in bright sunshine. So, I took the plunge, removed the padlock from my wallet, and shelled out for a new eReader. Whilst I was at it, I bought a cover, too.

The new Kindle, a very reasonably priced version at £59.99, does so much more than my old one. It integrates with my Goodreads account, allows connection with Twitter and Facebook, and will download documents from my computer so I can read them more easily in comfort.

The cover, a snip at £5.99, is elegant, protective and pleasant to the touch. With the light weight of the new Kindle, it’s now just like holding a small print book. The touch screen is more convenient than the old click switch used to turn pages. And the small size and low weight means it’s easily transported.


All in all, I’m very pleased with this new device and it means I can take it on holiday instead of having to cart a dozen paperbacks. All I need now is the time to actually do some reading! Still, once the WIP is finished, I can enjoy the luxury of some real reading time.

If you haven’t yet tried an eReader, I can thoroughly recommend this one. I enjoy reading from print and on an eReader: both have their place and the mixture allows me to read more books and do so in places where I might otherwise not have access to books.

Go on, spoil yourself and grab an eReader: think of all the great books you might otherwise be missing.

6 thoughts on “My New Kindle has Arrived!

    1. It’s very light, but ‘feels’ like a book in the hand. Now, all I need is a bit more time to actually read! Still, I’m managing a few hours a week. Once the current WIP is finished, I should be able to catch up!


  1. A timely post! My 3rd genation Kindle (complete with keyboard buttons) is still going strong but the casing is developing cracks, so I reckon it won’t be long. As well as reading I use it to upload ebook-ready scripts so I can check for untoward gremlins before uploading for conversion.

    A question: I see it offers the usual eight text sizes, but it does it offer three choices of line spacing and font?

    Enjoy your new Kindle.

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