Alone (The Girl in the Box, Book 1), by Robert J. Crane, Reviewed.


This fantasy, featuring meta-humans, and told from the point of view of the female protagonist, is full of tension and action. But it is also a fascinating character study of a unique individual. The reader is given information through the unreliable narrator, who appears to be confused by what is going on about her. As events unfold, she becomes increasingly internally conflicted; initially determined to put right the wrongs committed around her but unable to recognise who she can trust.

The settings are described with detail that allows the reader to picture and inhabit the locations. And the characters are properly padded with flesh, blood and personality to build them into fully formed players in the drama.

The story follows twists and turns, introducing shocks that lead toward a swift denouement with a conclusion that is at once both surprising and inevitable.

This is a well-told fantasy tale that stays with the reader after the last page is done. It is definitely not for the faint-hearted. An absorbing read that lovers of dark speculative fiction will enjoy and appreciate. Recommended.

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