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Time and again, I read a post on a writer’s site (or some other interesting blog) and want to share the information with my own readers and/or friends. And, time and again, I discover the blogger hasn’t provided any sharing facilities. That makes it awkward to share, so I often don’t bother. And, yet, it is so simple to provide share buttons on your site. Have a look at the foot of this post to see what I mean. Those buttons are dead simple to use and allow readers to share your post across multiple platforms. That means your more visitors are directed to your site, your name gets known by more people, and you have the opportunity to gain new readers. What’s not to like?

And, talking of ‘Like’; it’s nice to have someone give your posts a ‘Like’, but on its own it does nothing to spread the word. If you’ve enjoyed a post, the chances are that other like-minded people will enjoy it. So, spread the word. Click on any or all of those buttons and send out a message to all your followers. It’s really simple to do. And, if you don’t like the auto-generated message, you can modify it before it goes out. The great thing is that the information is shared and a link to the post goes to all your followers on Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Google+, or whatever other sites you use.

If we all reciprocate in this sort of sharing, we all gain. And it really is simple to do. Takes almost no time. So, what’s stopping you? You don’t want people to share your posts? I have to ask why you’re spending your valuable time posting in that case. Is it that you think it’s too difficult to install the buttons? It’s simple.

Installing share buttons is very simple on WordPress and there really is no excuse for not having them. Here are a couple of links to help you do it: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-share-buttons-adder/


Installing them on Blogger is a little less straightforward, but not beyond anyone who can read and follow instructions. Here are a couple of links to get you started: http://www.bloggertipstricks.com/share-blog-posts.html


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For those who are more adventurous, there are many different styles available: stick ‘Share buttons’ in a Google image search and you’ll find hundreds. Click on the image that attracts you and it’ll usually lead you to the site that allows you to download the images onto your blog. But, beware of those who charge: most of the sites are free.


But be aware that any share of your post will carry just the post title, the link, and possibly a picture, so make sure your title says something relevant and eye-catching. And include a #hashtag in the title to highlight the subject.

Avoid ALL CAPS for titles as this can come across as ‘shouting’, especially on Twitter.

You can modify the message that automatically appears when you click the button. And use #hashtags for a more effective share.

So, if you’re new to this, have a go with this post. It won’t break anything or do you any harm; honest! Test it out and see how it works here. Then follow the links, install those buttons on your own site, and see how your exposure increases. And, one other thing: you’ll see that the Twitter share button brings up an opportunity to follow the poster on Twitter, unless you’re already doing so. It’s an easy way to follow those people who post things of interest.

The wider and further we spread our posts, the better for our readers and the better for us as writers. Go on, have a go!

9 thoughts on “#Tips for Sharing Posts Online

  1. I’m a huge advocate for sharing. But since I transferred my site to WP.org I’m having a problem that I’m hoping you can help me with. When the post automatically posts I have no problem. But when someone shares my post to FB the picture doesn’t show up. Any idea why?

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    1. Oh, how I wish I knew the answer to this one, Sue. I’ve noticed it isn’t confined to WordPress, though. There must be some strange glitch between FB and blogs, as some of them transfer a posted image with no problem, but others seem to pick up an image from the side panel or nothing at all. I’m afraid I don’t know why this is, and neither does anyone I’ve asked!

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  2. Valerie Allison

    Sorry Darling, you won’t be surprised I know when I say you lost me with this one. Clicked to have a go and fell at the first hurdle. Hope your other followers have better luck. I still tweeted and FB’d though! All my Love.

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  3. This post is remarkably timely for me, Stuart. Having just recently launched my own site, I haven’t yet got around to peppering it with those little buttons, largely, I admit, through ignorance. Facebook? I don’t have an account, so assumed the button would be irrelevant to me. Twitter? The same. And with just about all the others, the same goes. Certainly, that limits my ability to share the posts of others (although I am still open to joining some other social media), but now I realise that I am limiting my own opportunities. I guess I’d better mosey on over to my account and get busy!

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    1. All a question of balance, Mick, as usual. Social networking won’t sell any books or gain you more readers directly. But they do a number of other things: get your name more widely known, provide an opportunity to network with both writers and readers, which may lead to book sales, provide chances for learning from others, allow you to comment on topics that interest you and about which you have an opinion; again, this can lead to conversations that attract more readers. But, and it’s an important but; social networking is also the most likely source of prevarication for the majority of writers, so it’s important that it is kept in its place. Good luck with the new site and your writing.

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