Liking is Lovely, but Sharing is Caring.


All of us who blog, or use a website to inform potential readers about our books, are aware of the struggle for exposure, the difficulty of getting our names out there. We indulge in online activity to add value to the lives of others (at least, I hope we do: those interested only in self-promotion do no favours to the community or themselves).

But we all hope to spread that help and awareness as widely as possible. I’m sure that many of those who read my posts also ‘share’ them. Generally, writers make it easy by providing ‘share’ buttons to allow readers to inform their own followers of anything of interest. And, of course, a ‘share’ isn’t necessarily an endorsement: I often share information that’s of interest to the writing community even when I don’t actually agree with it.

So, rather than just ‘like’ a post, it makes sense for all of us to spread the word if we’ve found something of interest to our readers. Sharing helps all of us, as does connection on those social networks we use. If you run a website and/or blog but haven’t yet added those essential ‘share’ buttons, you can discover how very easily by Googling ‘share buttons’ where you’ll find more links than you can imagine, almost all of them free. If we make it easy for readers and visitors to our sites to pass on the posts to others, they’re more likely to do it. We live in a ‘one click’ society these days, so we need to make it straightforward if we’re to get the help we all need.


And, just a short addition to the idea of sharing and helping each other, below is the new back cover of a book I reviewed some months ago. The author has re-issued the book with a cover that now incorporates a section of my review, which is great, but she’s also mentioned my latest book there, which is even better! A nice example of mutual recognition. And something that came out of the blue; a very pleasant unexpected surprise.

Back cover of Secrets and Lies in El Salvador by Sherrie Miranda.

And, by the way, it’s a very good book. You’ll find the review if you click here.

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