The Latest on the New Novel

Yesterday I received the final edit notes for the new novel. This was the copy edit part, where a super-observant editor with an excellent grasp of the rules of English, goes through the entire book with a fine-tooth comb and picks out all the nits and knots: spelling, punctuation, syntax, grammar, etc. I’m pleased to report there were only half a dozen queries, and two of those were about a character’s special way of expressing himself, so they were checks to confirm what I intended. Mind you, it’s hardly a surprise it got through this process so easily; it’s already been edited for content, style and tone by people with those skills.

So, it’s now back with the publisher. I expect the next step to be cover design suggestions, in which I’ll be consulted, as my publisher likes to involve his authors in the whole process of book production.

Next post on the book will be when I reveal the title.
Want to know?

Watch this space.

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9 thoughts on “The Latest on the New Novel

          1. Yea, I was teasing because she too has been such a supportive and active supporter with this new book. Yes, our income is shared as well. You both must be very exciting. It is a lot of work to have a publisher, they help but it still requires a ton of work. Sending flowers 🌺🌹🌺 to Valerie. Hugs you two. Love ❤️ J

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            1. It is, Joni. But anything worth creating always takes effort. And I love the process as much as I love the creation of the work. Valerie isn’t a ‘natural’ reader (her eyesight is not good, and it can be a strain for her.) but she’s always interested in whatever I write. I try to show her everything, as she’s so good at spotting those pesky things I miss.
              You two have fun.

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