Today’s Picture: 24 May 20

Fishing pond.

The idea here is to brighten the day for those people isolated indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you find pleasure in this, please share it, so others can enjoy it, too. Thank you. At present, I may be a bit slow in responding; my email account appears to have been compromised, and the ISP is currently investigating before re-opening it for me!

13 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 24 May 20

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            1. I was thinking of including it in today’s walk, but that will now be very short, as I’ve come down with a cold (something I haven’t had for years!) and it’s rather knocked me sideways. No doubt it’ll vanish as quickly as it arrived.
              I’ll still be doing a pic, of course. And I’ll get back to the fishing pond in the not-too-distant future.

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                1. I thought it was hay fever at first (rather ironical that I live in a forest, and I have an allergy to tree pollen!). Just feeling groggy at present, but it’ll pass, thanks, Lynette.

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