Today’s Picture: 19 May 20

Flamborough Head, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. 11 May 2015

The idea here is to brighten the day for those people confined indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Today is the first departure from the original series, all of which were taken in the Forest of Dean on our daily walks for exercise. It struck me that some people might like to see some different locations. I’ve travelled a reasonable amount, both in UK and in Europe, and currently hold a library of just under 16,000 of my digital photographs, so I thought I’d share some of these to continue the theme of spreading joy in the outdoors and nature. I’d love to know what you think.

If you find pleasure in this, please share it, so others can enjoy it, too. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 19 May 20

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    1. This was taken not far from where we used to live. The chalk cliffs of East Yorkshire overlook the North Sea and are renowned for their migrating bird life. This promontary sticks out from the rest of the coast and there’s a lovely little village sitting there, too.

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        1. We lived in the area, Lynette, not on the coast (we were about 8 miles as the crow flies). I actually spent a couple of years in my early childhood living in an old railway carriage on the top of the cliff a few miles down the coast from this spot. Used to walk along the beach to school! But we lived in a small market town when I took this picture, and we used to visit the place for coastal walks, parking at a place called ‘Danes Dyke’, which is an ancient earthworks. It wasn’t hard to move away from the town to our current location, as we both prefer village life, and we both love trees!


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