Today’s Picture: 18 May 20

This morning, we climbed the steep track up the opposite side of the valley. Here, some of the oldest trees live on the steep slope.

The idea here is to brighten the day for those people confined indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many years ago, there were cottages among the trees here; they had no running water, no electricity. A few relics remain following their abandonment early in the last century.

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    1. The cottage was probably home to a coal miner or quarry worker and his family. They would have lived in relative poverty, and may well have foraged for food in the forest. With no running water, they would visit the local springs, and without electricity, they would have relied on candles and an ever-present wood fire for light and heat and cooking. The stone, of course, is local and there’s an ancient quarry only a few hundred yards from this cottage. The old coal mines were mostly on the other side of the valley, although one of the main ones (now a vary small commercial industrial estate) was only about four hundred yards down the hill from here, too.
      Walking in the forest it’s almost impossible to beleive it was ever a hive of dirty, noisy industry, but the local historical society has many photographs of that past, and there are odd signs of the early Victorian buildings and works here and there.
      What I love is that the old trees are testament to the concern the locals had for the environment: less caring people would’ve felled them all to either sell the timber or feed their fires!

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  2. Oh Stuart these are amazing shots. I love the photograph of the old building as well. So appreciate these beautiful photographs of such ancient souls. I love the perspective as well. Thank you for blessing our day with these old giants. You know in the Bible it says that trees clap their hands and I love that. I try and imagine what they would say to us if they could talk. I believe one day I will be able to converse with trees in heaven. You are sweet to share your lovely work with us. Thank you and I look forward to more. Be careful I have found it easy to slip in a wet forest. (Talking about hiking in Snoqualmie Falls in WA State.) Be blessed and safe and sending love from NC. Joni

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    1. Thanks, Joni. We’re always careful in the forest; wear good quality hiking boots. I love the idea of talking with the trees; they’d have such a different view of history from their patient standing and observing, I think.
      The old cottage was previously almost invisible due to overgrowth by weeds, but someone living relatively close to the place has recently taken the time and trouble to reveal it again. One wonders what sort of life the inhabitants had with so little in the way of ‘conveniences’. But I bet they communed with Nature.

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      1. I bet you are right. I am glad your careful. I know, can you imagine what those trees could tell us. I hope they continue to protect your beautiful forest. A little piece of heaven there indeed. Love and blessings Joni. (That was nice of someone to fix up the house so you could see it, and if those walls could talk? Have a great evening. Love 💕 Joni

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