Today’s Picture: 15 May 20

This series began with pictures taken on our daily forest walks. My intention then, as now, to brighten the day for those confined indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here, in the UK, the authorities have relaxed rules on outdoor activities, allowing people to travel away from home for exercise. However, such freedom is not global, and may yet be rescinded in the UK if cases of infection rise again. So, I’ll continue to post a daily picture, still taken outdoors, but, after today, they may be of other places, to inject a little more variety.

If you find pleasure in this, please share it, so others can enjoy it, too. Thank you.

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  2. You’re not kidding about some restrictions. My provincial gov’t thinks it’s ok to open up dog grooming stores for Irish Setters while the human population grows enough hair to impersonate one!. Humph.

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