Today’s Picture: 14 May 20

Young trees in the sun, their older relatives capture the light only on their crowns.

This series started with pictures taken on our forest walks. The intention was to brighten the day for those confined inside during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here, in the UK, the authorities have now relaxed outdoor activities to allow people to travel away from their immediate area for exercise. That probably means a lot of cars and more people in our forest. I’ll continue to post a daily picture here, still taken outdoors, but now they may be of other places; I’ll do it for those here and overseas who are unable to get out.

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5 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 14 May 20

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    1. Thanks, Miriam. That shot was taken in one of our favourite local spots in the forest. This section is almost exclusively mature firs, and their canopy means not a great deal grows beneath, making it possible to walk among the trees with ease. The ground is mostly covered with moss, which deadens the footsteps and increases the natural peace. There’s a touch of magic about the place.
      The new trees are on the very edge and there’s a narrow fallow strip between them and the mature trees, so the light is fantastic at certain times of the day. It’s a steep climb to get up here, but worth every step.


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