Today’s Picture: 13 May 20

In the oak grove.

This series started with pictures taken on our forest walks. The intention was to brighten the day for those confined inside during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here, in the UK, the authorities have now relaxed outdoor activities to allow people to travel away from their immediate area for exercise. That probably means a lot of travel and more people in our forest. I’ll continue to post a daily picture here, still taken outdoors, but now they may be of other places; I’ll do it for those here and overseas who are unable to get out.

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7 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 13 May 20

      1. Oh my goodness then they are hundreds of years old. Lord Nelson was mentioned in Master and Commander and the far side of the world with Russell Crow. You are surrounded by some amazing history, how wonderful and beautiful. Stay safe and blessed my friend. Love 💕 Joni

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        1. Yes, they’d have been sapplings during his search for timber! But he wanted the crown to nominate the forest as a ‘Royal Forest’ so that local people couldn’t ‘steal’ the oaks he’d identified as suitable for his ship-building. He died in 1805, and I reckon some of these oaks must be around 250 years old now, so they’d have been in place when he visited.

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