Today’s Picture: 09 May 20

Pictures taken on our forest walk to brighten the day, especially for those confined inside. And, today, a lovely walk, captured as a photo essay, to celebrate my 72nd birthday.

The morning sun flares through the canopy.
From the narrow track, we come to a wider ‘forest road’.
This shaded, narrow track is so steep in places we had to use the trees as support for our climb.
Someone has constructed a shelter here using natural materials.
There’s even a small hearth for a fire.
The track moves through mature pines.
And we encounter a small monument erected to the memory of the miners who dug coal here last century.
We walk the now naturalised old road that used to take coal from the mine. You’d never know it was so used.
And, here, the old coal road joins other ‘forest roads’ which once carried coal, iron ore and stone from the forest.
This track passes a small farm about 200 yards away. The owners have put up a swing for the kids.
We take the narrow valley on our way back. If you look carefully, you can see a young lady walker on the path ahead. She was the only other person we saw on our walk today.
Those who’ve been following this series may recognise this copper beech, this time captured from the other direction You can see the earlier picture in the post for 7 May, here.
The narrow valley opens out to a wider one where the brook runs.

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18 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 09 May 20

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    1. Thanks, Tom, for the comment and the good wishes. It was lovely to enjoy a glass of wine in the garden after we came back from the walk.


  2. Happy birthday Stuart. A wonderful collection of light and colour today. The paths do draw me in. All the walks and fresh air are the gifts you give yourself each day (or at least when weather permits). It’s kind of you to share. it’s such a blessing to be outdoors and feel the fresh air. – best wishes sincerely David

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    1. Thanks, Miriam. Yes, all taken in the Forest of Dean, and all within a mile and half radius of our home. I was half tempted to have a go on the tyre swing, unfortunately, it’s only a small tyre, so I couldn’t sit in it!

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