Today’s Picture: 07 May 20

Unusual to see a copper beech in the forest. This one is breaking the mould.

Pictures of the outdoors to brighten the day, especially for those confined inside.

The entrance to one of the valleys we enjoy walking.

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13 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 07 May 20

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    1. I loved the contrast of the colours here, Joni. There are only a few copper beeches in the forest, mostly on the edges, where the forest lies close to a domestic garden, so seeing this one in the middle of the open forest was a bit of a treat.

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      1. Yes it is so beautiful. It almost looks like a light in the middle of the forest. Such a beautiful picture, and a bit of a blessing that tree is for sure. Thanks for making our days a bit brighter. Love Joni

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    1. They’re such an attractive tree, Noelle. You’ll have plenty of room for their spreading boughs if you have four acres. There are a few in the village here, but they are rare within the forest itself, so it was lovely to come on this one this morning.

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