Daily Forest Walk Picture 20.04.20

Continuing to spread a bit of light and pleasure to those confined by the current crisis. See post 1, here, for an explanation.

This is the 17th post.

We had to go food shopping this morning. From the village this entails a short drive to a local town, as the wonderful village shop doesn’t stock everything we need. It meant our walk was delayed until this afternoon. But it’s been a beautiful, sunny day, and we were able to walk on our own for most of the day. The forest was very peaceful today, only bird song and a slightly fitful wind blowing through the high branches. Serene.

Wandering the Spring Woods

Wandering among lives
longer than we will ever know
permitted to share joyful
declarations of love
and territorial claim
from birds bright with
courting colours
light and shade patching
our underfoot and
sketching the earth with
lines drawn by light alone
we feel at home at one

Keep safe and well, everyone!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. It’ll help others enjoy this bit of nature if you could spread the word with the ‘share’ buttons below. Let’s all do what we can for each other during this testing and trying time, please. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Daily Forest Walk Picture 20.04.20

    1. Hopefully, Sue, you can at least walk in the fields. It’s those people stuck in tower blocks, confined to their four walls, or in towns and cities without access to open spaces I feel for most.
      We’re so lucky to be able to stroll in the trees, and we could go down to walk by the river, if we decided to. It’s a real privilege and one we’re very conscious of, which is why I’m sharing these pictures in the hope of spreading a bit of joy.
      Stay safe and well.


      1. I walk the dog in the dawn every day through the fields close to my home and I am grateful for that much freedom. As you say, Stuart, there are many who do not have that possibility at all and we are lucky to be able to get out in the green.

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