Daily Forest Walk Picture 19.04.20

Continuing to spread a bit of light and pleasure to those confined by the current crisis. See post 1, here, for an explanation.

This is the 16th post.

The sunshine returned this morning. Despite our slight overindulgence yesterday (celebrating Valerie’s birthday, alone and at home) we decided on a slightly longer stroll. We usually see few other people and meet even fewer. Today, it felt as though the whole village was in the forest (that’s hyperbole, but you know what I mean!). Fortunately, we know our forest well and can usually take alternative paths to avoid contact with others. And, equally fortunately, most walkers and cyclists using the forest for their daily exercise are sensible and keep to the social distancing rules.

Initially, we wandered our usual narrow paths but had decided to walk the slightly flatter and wider track that leads to Piano Corner this morning. Unfortunately, a few family groups were out and we needed to avoid them, so followed a narrow trail we’d used only once before. It was a real pleasure. Took us through mixed woodland, up some gentle slopes, and down some steep drops.

The sun through the canopy was beautiful and we met absolutely no one during this diversion. Later, back on the gravel-surfaced path that runs beside the area fenced off for a trial with beavers, we met a couple of lads with mountain bikes. We were able to keep apart and exchanged a few good-humoured words with them before continuing under the old railway bridge and down past the boar wallow until we returned home. A lovely walk, on which I took a fair number of pictures. I include a couple here for you to enjoy.

Haiku 7

Life giving sunlight
filters through high spreading leaves
dappling untrod green

Keep safe and well, everyone!

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