Revenge of the Elders of Zion, by Dan Zofer: #BookReview.

312 pages

Dark comedy-thriller.

This book is listed as a dark comedy thriller. I agree with the darkness and thriller aspects, but the comedy escaped me. I was, however, engaged by the characters, the romance, and the story, regardless of its plot holes and occasional slips into the ludicrous. Perhaps it was that part that was supposed to be funny. It’s probably my older British sense of humour that doesn’t find many of the modern, often cruel, aspects of comedy amusing.

But the story kept me turning the pages. There’s good imagination driving these well-drawn people through the series of improbable events that were presented with enough action and jeopardy to keep me reading.

I’ve also never been a follower of the many conspiracy theories that seem to be increasing of late. And tribalism isn’t something I’ve ever espoused or admired.

I was reminded of the Johnny English spy movies in the somewhat hapless but brave behaviour of David, and Amy reminded me of his female sidekick with her unlikely skills and tenacity. If not for these two central characters, I suspect I wouldn’t have finished the book.

There is, also, a good deal of information spread as the story develops. And, as seems to be the current general attitude, the CIA and FBI are portrayed with little respect and shown to be somewhat wanting in real intelligence. The wealthy, well-placed, puppet masters deal better with the various groups of brutal haters who seem also to be a growing menace in the world. It’s hardly surprising the ill-educated and poorly-paid seek out some groups for blame in a world run by the wealthy for the wealthy, after all.

So, a book that made me read its pages, and even indulge in the ‘surprise’ epilogue given as a teaser and requiring reader participation when the book itself had ended.

I generally avoid thrillers these days. But this one will provide entertainment, thrills, and lots of conspiracy material for those who enjoy the sort of nonsense that informs such books as Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and many others of that ilk.

I was tempted into reading this one because it’s set in the Jewish world, and one of the characters in my current WIP is Jewish; I hoped to discover something about that slightly closed world, for a gentile, and learn some expressions I might use to make her dialogue more authentic.

I wrote this review based on an advance reading copy that the author sent me.

[Any review is a personal opinion. No reviewer can represent the view of anyone else. The best we can manage is an honest reaction to any given book.]

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