Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.


It’s been an interesting week, but then most weeks this year have borne an element of surprise, frustration, despair, joy or paranoia. The important aspect, considering this post, is that I’ve put 8 chapters through the first content edit, reaching a total of 16,555 words in the current document. There’ll be a second content edit before I start honing the language and doing the very detailed line by line check that will produce printed chapters for my beta reader to examine.

The great thing is that progress is being made.

Through the week, I’ve had a half day in hospital (nothing more serious than an investigation for a common male ailment for men of my age, resulting in my name being added to the long list of those awaiting the necessary operation). I’ve also organised and sent off a grant application for the local charity I support. And reduced the outstanding number of photographs to be transferred from iCloud across to my new PC from 13,000 to 7,488, migrated all the document files (around 27,000 after deleting many that were no longer relevant) onto the new Windows machine. That process involves selecting each file (picture or document) and sending groups of around 20 at a time from the iCloud online to my PC. It takes time, is tedious, but also allows me to sort as I go along. Mind you, once the process is finished for the photos, I’ll have to reorganise the pics into the original 145 folders from the 14 I’m currently using for simple speed of process!

So, progress. And the book is going well. The story is developing and filling out with more detail. It’s looking like a good read, even though I say so myself.

This evening, I’ll wander down to the village hall and spend a couple of hours bashing a shuttlecock around with a small group of like-mined people. Great for getting that frustration out of the system!

More news and info next week.