Sons of the Crystal Mind, by Andrew Wallace: #BookReview.

sons of the crystal mind

Set on an almost unrecognisable Earth in a distant future, this novel deals with the perils of unregulated capitalism as it is allowed run rampant through a society in which consumers are entirely secondary to profit (ring any bells?).

Peopled by charismatic, strong, female characters and complex antagonists, the tale quickly engages the reader. Written mostly in first person in the present tense, the story has immediacy and tremendous pace.

Lengthy passages of descriptions of locations, equipment and environments form part of the narrative and transport the reader to a world very different from that we currently occupy without slowing the story too much. But relationships are at the core of human interaction and they form the main framework on which the story unfolds.

There are some real surprises in the imagined development of technology and I wondered a little at the apparent lack of progress in human longevity alongside many technological fixes. But this is a work of sustained imagination that immerses the reader deep into the envisioned world and holds him there.

I happily read the book in one sitting and look forward to its sequel.


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