I Am Malala, by Malala Yousafzai: #BookReview.

A truly remarkable piece of work by a truly remarkable young woman. Malala Yousafzai has produced a memoir that’s so much more than mere autobiography. Anyone ignorant of this brave girl has clearly been living in a shelter on Mars, so I won’t insult readers of this review with an overview. There’s great optimism in …

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This post was, apparently, inspired by my latest post on word choice! It’s great to help any and all creativity!

Mick E Talbot Poems


I think I might have created a new form of poetry? If I have then my gratitude goes out to Stuart Aken please click on his name and you’ll see where I am coming from, thank you, Stuart, too. Please do click on the title link above as all the definition/s can be used. To reiterate, please do click on the title, as the definition will become the rules, two of which can be found in my examples, the first blatantly obvious, the second in the first line of the fourth stanza. Feedback please, more on it being a new format, and of course critiques on the poems. Oh the name of the form, (if it is new), ‘Epanalepsis Poetry’. As is I can’t find any reference to this format, fingers crossed.


together we will always be together
alone again never again alone
together now and forever together

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