Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

Pic of Mars gravity via NASA

The end of one more week, and I’ve ended up with 91,258 words for the 2nd rewrite. That’s an extra 1,814, mostly in the form of news reports to set the scene. I’m now making sure each narrator remains consistent through his or her contribution. A couple more ‘sources’ of information have been added to make the whole presentation more in keeping with the future I’m projecting in this science fiction work.

Events on Earth and others relating to Mars continue to encourage me to consider small changes to plot: that’s been a constant for this book, since aspects of life here and issues relating to Mars are constantly on the move. And new developments in technology appear almost daily. It’s sometimes hard to keep up!

My continuing task for the coming week, however, is to deal with the other narrators and make sure they’re all remaining in character. It’s a danger, when using multiple narrators, that they’ll all start to sound the same or, worse, to sound like the author! So meticulous attention is needed to ensure authenticity.

If you’re a writer, I hope you’re having success. If you’re a reader, I hope I’m increasing your interest in the book. Let me know.

4 thoughts on “Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

  1. Oddly, since I retired from employment, I seem to have even less time to write! Seems counterintuitive, but I suspect it’s due to the fact that I’m now living a life I choose, rather than constantly timetabling myself to achieve. My attitude now is, ‘It will get done, perhaps more slowly, but it’ll happen.’ I used to output up to 3,000 words a day when I was younger, so 2,000 in a week is a bit of a change. I justify this reduction by adopting the motto, ‘Quality over quantity.’ but the reality is that I’m spending more time doing other things I want to do and getting involved with the local community.
    Keep up the good writing, D.


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