Progress on the WIP: SciFi in the Making.

mars map

This week’s progress report reveals I’m now 19799 words into the second rewrite. It’s been a bit of a bitty week with various appointments here and there as well as necessary work in the garden, so the writing has not been the only draw on my time. I’m still enjoying the process, and hope to do a lot more this week. It’s interesting how the odd piece of news reporting, or the tweets and blog posts of others can stimulate new ideas and sponsor small changes as the work progresses. I’m improving the story due to such influences, and increasing the layers that deeper readers will enjoy discovering.

Hopefully, if you’re a writer, you’re having similar success: I hope so, anyway. Let me know.

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    1. I may write fast, Mick, but I struggle to ignore distractions: there are so many interesting and attractive options when you’re sitting at a keyboard with a screen in front of you! Keep up the good work.

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