A Gentle Post About Book Reviews.


Tempted to invite me to review your book?

I receive a good number of ‘pitch’ letters sent via the contact page on this website. Let me point out to all authors, their agents, and publishers, eager to do the same for their books that I’ve signed the True Review Pledge. That means I write honest reviews. My policy in the past was simply not to review books that didn’t impress me to a certain level. As an author, I fully understand how hurtful a bad review can be for a book into which the writer has poured heart and soul, not to mention many hours of hard work. However, since joining the Book Blogger List, becoming one of the top 1% of Goodreads reviewers, and taking the pledge, I’ve received many more requests for reviews. I now feel duty bound to produce a review for every book I read, regardless of how good or poor the book may be. I hope authors understand I’m motivated by concern for readers and no other reason.

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  1. I’m with you on this one, Stuart. But, I’ve been drug over the coals by authors when I give a less than stellar review. It a book has editing/proofreading issues, readers need to know. They tel me that as an author, I’m supposed to support them, not undermine them. It’s a very fragile line. So, I refrain fro posting 3 stars on Amazon or GR, but I will on my blog.

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    1. It’s precisely this sort of reaction from authors I’m trying to prevent, Sahara. If I’m going to review, I feel I should do so the same way for all the books I read. This post is intended as a ‘warning’ to those authors who canvass me to review their books. In other words, if they feel their book has been professionally written, edited and presented, they should have no concerns. But if it’s been slung together in ‘that’ll do’ sort of way, watch out, because I’ll say so in my review.

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      1. Just be prepared to possibly having your own books targeted. I know authors that refuse to review books, because of the backlash from some authors. I had an author who gave one of my books a 5 star turn it into a 1 star because I gave her book a 3 star. 😦 Most books don’t deserve 5 stars, mine included. I seldom give them myself. Like you, I get approached with free books to review. Most I ignore, as I have come across some really bad ones. I just recently started a book from an author I’ve never met, and I agreed to read her book. I’m loving it so far. Best of luck to you. 🙂

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