Progress on the WIP. SciFi in the Making.

This week’s progress report reveals that I’m now 63545 words into the first rewrite, which takes me 17762 words further than last week at this time. I’ve had to take out some of the original story as a result of additional information I’ve gathered from the last lot of research. It’s actually given the story more bite and pace, which is good. The bulk of the story remains as it was, but I still need to alter certain elements as a result of the new information. I’m reaching the denouement as it stands in the first draft, but that will now change and the story will be expanded slightly.

I’m hoping by next week at this time I’ll have finished this first rewrite and be on with the more detailed editing that involves correcting grammatical errors committed in the heat of creation, changing the odd word/phrase for something a little more apposite, ensuring everything makes sense in terms of the timeline and the sequence of events, removing any unintended repetition, and making sure all dates make sense. Then it’ll be on to my beta readers for suggestions/error-spotting. A final edit with the online editing suite and then off to the publisher.

This week, as well as the rewrite, I’ve written and edited a short story (3,5000) for a writing contest. Entered that today, as the closing date is 31st May! We’ve had a few fairly lengthy walks in the forest and I’ve done more work in the garden. And we had to spend more or less a whole day in Gloucester. So, I’m pretty pleased with my progress.

Hopefully, if you’re a writer, you’re having similar success: I hope so, anyway. Let me know.

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