How Did the Author Do That?, by Dr. John Yeoman PhD, Reviewed.

How did the author

This historical novel, set at the very end of the 16th century in London, is more than merely a damned good novel. It’s purpose is to help other authors improve their writing through example.

John Yeoman is a well-respected writing tutor, amongst other things. He displays a wicked, sardonic, sense of humour in the story, but the accompanying notes, easily accessible in this eBook, are sensible, informative and soundly based on a combination of academic study and personal experience as a writer.

For writers, this is a great resource enhanced by its example story of crime, politics, lust, and detection of the time and place. The tale is both complex and engaging, as are the characters, so it’s a good read regardless of the notes. These are accessed via subtle links, so you can actually read this as a novel without ever looking at the links, should you wish.

If you’re a reader, rather than a writer, this story can be read simply as a historical crime novel, but, for those who like to dig deeper, there are several levels to explore. The author has his theories about subjects that have been much debated, and he shares those through the text, making for a fascinating venture into the mind not only of the author but of the protagonists and their world.

I enjoyed this book and will take something from it as both a reader and a writer.

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